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There's a Reason That Pickleball is the Fastest Growing Sport in the USA!

About Pickleball D3

Are you thinking of constructing a new facility, redeveloping an existing structure or enhancing your pickleball programming?  Pickleball D3 can help. Pickleball D3 is proficient at developing pickleball facilities from the ground up.

The Mill Works - Westford, Ma

Pickleball D3 at the Mill Works offers pickleball play M-F from 6:30a-4p. We have two sessions of daily Open Play from 8a-10a and 10a-12p. We also offer themed open play, private play, and DUPR play from 12p-2p and 2p-4p.

Professional Instruction

Have you ever been on a court, during open play, with three other players and felt like you don't belong? Maybe your opponents are targeting you or woefully hitting the ball away from you. Either way this is not inclusive pickleball recreational play and sadly not much fun for everyone on the court. Most likely the reality is you have chosen to play on a court that is at a higher or lower level than your skill set.

Donald Van Dyne

Pickleball Tournament

Pickleball Clinic

Time-Out 24 Pickleball Tournament
The Mill Works - Westford, Ma
April 21st, 2024

One Shot Clinic

Shot Clinic

Registration is now open!
For Beg - Int - Adv Players
April 10th-19th
- Visit our "One Shot Clinic" page for more info,

Tips & Tricks

Pickleball Tips

Tips on the mechanics of the game from a Professional ... starting out, how to serve, hitting ground strokes, backhands,
The Dink, return of serve ...
and more.

Camp Pictona


Looking to get away this Winter? As many of you know our good friend Paul Lambers is at Pictona in Holly Hills Florida. Early next year (2024) he is introducing Camp Pictona. It’s an opportunity to escape winter and learn to have more fun playing pickleball.

Pickleball Slam

Pickleball Slam

Have you heard of “Pickleball Slam”?
The card game was created by a local player and friend of mine, Marcella Meyer. Check out the above graphic and use discount code PickleballD3 to save 20% on any order, 

Senior Games

Senior Hames

Registration is now open!
Pickleball Tournament in
Westford, Massachusetts
- Visit our Senior Games page for more info,

Rule Book 2024

A Must Read for all Pickleball Players

Download the Official Pickleball Rulebook.

To Download a Hard Copy of the 2024 Rule Book.

Purchase the Official Pickleball Rulebook.

To Purchase a Hard Copy of the 2024 Rule Book.

This rulebook is issued by USA Pickleball and is an essential document for all pickleball players.


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